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(5/14/2020) Quantunnel servers and quantum bell servers are no longer visible to mankind! In approximitely 3 weeks time, the only visible servers will be those hosting this website. Our technology enables hidden buildings, and computer systems, and further, we have little need for rental or other space, as we get airborne. I will be traveling on the streets for the next few months to see earth for the last time, before I leave. (5/14/2000) Will be upgrade to 6000 satelitte wirelss boradband and cellular network. Exiting months to come.

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QuanTunnel is that which includes the analysis of Quantum Tunneling.
with PEARL Relative Frameworks.

Intricate Networks and Pad to Pad Development. These public images are precisely not accurate for geonodal connectons, for reasons of artistry and protection of proprietray data. we have aover 64 working connections to various traversable environments we film on regualr basis. Technoclgy got the cystal blade, and crystal revolver, and other technologies like Suit, Screen, Computer, Server, and Environmental Server are in development. These newtorks do not work acording alledged modern technology innovations.

The Complexity of International Connections. Portals, Tunnels, Gateways, and QBI Network. UoA and ML have Achieved working status with dozens of hours of footage online. The complexity of Pad to Pad Transfers. The Interconnected universe of places. Each acre of woods can contain seven environments or more. The Universe and Quantunnel, connecting places, and Roads. UoA does not need Computers, we use talent. For the Uninitiated, tracking some portals helps to access or reaccess them.

Connecting Environments and Peoples. Quantum Bell Inc, and Quantunnel.comm with MarleyLABS (Field Research and Innovation) has established on average 7 concurrent connections, and have mapped more than 64. Our list of local cluster access and Planetary Routes exceeds 2100 Addresses Access areas part of research.

Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week.

Proprietary Engineering Projects and ooperative assignments, not only utilize the RULE Sciences, and ToR applications across the Text book "QuanTunnel and Theory of Time Light Relativity (ToTLR) And Radio Light Relaltivity, RLR Manuals" Written by the lead science teams, we manage and update in accordanc with requirements from geo physcial surveys and literal field work.

  • Quantunnel Reseolves Interplanetary and and Interstealler Pathing
  • Qunatum Bell Inc, Resolves Domestic Local, Airports, housing, stable realms. On earth.Quantum Bell Inc.
  • University of Arcane, resolve uses for defense, home building, and teaching for contruction teams, to build homes, operate businesses,and idenitfy new forms of mass and concrete. (Talent people people who could work the gate facility main area or adventure it.) Univerity of Arcane
  • These operations were pioneered by MArleyLABs and and COllection of Other Persons, know as whatever they idenitfiy, if not playing demon to complain about who is terrosixing one realm or another. MarleyLabs and SG (Star Gate Acquisition)


The RULE is a discovery of the laboratory and the Ruler v1.3 is used to make measure. While it is dubbed Marley's RULE and uses a uLINE form, it is actually the "RULE of the Universe." Access to this 3" binder and several others requires written request to the laboratory. You can learn about how the RULE is understood for Government and How the RULE is understood for Belief.

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Volunteer and contribute to editing, research, and more! I am looking for artist and writers to help me work with the TEXTBOOK on TIME and QUANTUM TUNNELING. Version is currently .001, and .002 will begin development soon. I will be recruiting on freelancers and among volunteers for the project over the next couple years. Thanks.

Humble beginnings for time reception laboratory, i am moving into office space in January of 2022! You can volunteer to work with our projects, we are seeking qualified technicians, must have scientific mind, or be a capable Psi/Necromancer, and other capability, tele-kinetics, aero or hydro kinetics, psychic talent or other proven ability, to be part of ultra teams.

Presentation of topic in v2012-v2015 was not complete or entirely correct. Work has steadily progressed to v2016 and v2017 Next Year v2018 Framework.Updates ..|.. (This GOAL for v2018 of ToR model will be available for company evaluation in 2019. After working with the topics for anum 2018, the cycle of earths orbit and star, the text book will also be updated early next year. )

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QuanTunnel 2016 v.014
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QuanTunnel 2016 v.016 Currently in Development.

07082016 21.62 updated to 22.1gb
07082016 22.62 updated to 26.31gb
12072019 Update long awaited. The fourth seminar is in 8 days.

of Laboratory produced Research, Drawings, Engineering
Schematics! TLR, RUL, PMTM, PEARL, RULER v1.3 and other
details available on request (or as loot! for some...)

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Next year a video series is in production for 3 youtube channels and several forums managed by QBI as a public service. QT data sets are with limited public presentation, and will explain some early connects in order to recruit members of our teams to operate among states and solve problem the average citizen or government employees can not.

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Donate to support the study of the RULE Sciences! Call (new number will be added soon) or text to discuss or join the laboratory work ongoing sinces the 1990s!

QuanTunnel c1986-c2018+; anARK calendar c3.x Marley Labs, Michael Marley
QuanTunnel Systems is a developer with technical analysis of next generation flight and weapons systems that are "not" super sonic or rocket driven. Analysis of these orbital solutions for soldier deployment and recovery is available where export regulations do not interfere with scientific participation among project technology sets.

Do not be a spy! Recovery, transfer, and analysis of technology from MarleyLABS and QuanTunnel Servers is protected by the

Economic Espionage Act of 1996 18 U.S. Code ยง 1831.
and applicable intrastate and international rules.

This science is being evaluated as banned science. This science is classified as one of the "Deadly Sciences" by the RULE for surface to orbit workers. (RCVS) QBI Acquistions portfolio has completed introductions to past assocations of the SG Project since project closure in 1996 at the CIA and we have achieved transfer of the abandoned project to Quantum Bell Inc. This process has taken more the 24 months. The Quantunnel Project Was developed by Michael after event was seen in the sky 2014/2015, and named (lit. Quantum Tunneling) The announcement more than 24 months ago, began an official acquistion for continuance of operations of SGP from the Central Intelligence agencies abandoned portfolio of multiple projects. Today, we are pleased to announce that the Star Gate Project is a back in business at Quantum Bell Inc, and the Quantunnel Evaluation project are considered as part of a group. Field Work began two years ago for entry level operations work demonstrated and meeting with old assocations and other persons in ongoing for the historic project. EBE Emersion is ongoing.

Feb. 19, 2021 - This science has been ongoing since experimentation in titusville where the first connection and development to quantum world was established. The structure and presentation created a binding affect when during the second visit to the town, i was tasered inside a gateway i had developed and required to close it when cars and trucks began sliding into the water from pressure on the opening edge of cvanveral national seashores. Longitudinal experimentaion has in the last two years cause almost "tsunamis"within a few millimeters of overflow for the towns near the bridge.

Views from over 100+ Countries.
MarleyLABS GOAL 2017

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